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Which is Better: Inositol Powder Or Pills?

Which is Better: Inositol Powder Or Pills?

Written by Jasmin McVeigh
Founder of Bossology
Published 26/05/2024

When you first heard about inositol, your immediate thought was likely, "Capsules, obviously."

We understand the appeal of capsules—they’re familiar, widely available and seem like the obvious choice.

But when it comes to myo inositol (and the d-chiro kind), a nutrient gaining popularity for its potential benefits in conditions like PCOS and insulin resistance, it's worth taking a closer look at the delivery method.

Dosage Flexibility


One key advantage of inositol powder is the ability to customize your dosage.

Most inositol capsules only contain around 500mg of inositol per pill, while the recommended therapeutic dose for women with concerns such as PCOS or insulin resistance is 4,000mg per day (based on the available research.)

You'd have to take eight capsules every single day to reach that level—that’s a lot of pills to swallow.

If you're taking inositol for mood-related concerns such as anxiety or panic disorders you may require even higher doses, making capsules an impractical option.

With just two scoops of inositol powder in your favorite beverage or glass of water, you can hit that 4,000mg.

Dr. Felice Gersh, a board-certified OB-GYN and renowned expert in PCOS, recommends starting with a lower dose and gradually increasing until desired results are achieved.

This level of flexibility is not possible with pre-measured capsules.

In summary, inositol pills can't hold as much inositol as a serving of powder, and do not come with the same level of dosage control.

Which is More Bioavailable?

Another factor to consider is bioavailability—how well your body absorbs the supplement.

There is substantial research indicating that powders generally offer better bioavailability compared to capsules due to several factors related to absorption and processing in the body.

Faster Absorption: When you swallow a capsule, it has to travel to your stomach before it starts breaking down and releasing the inositol. But with powder, absorption begins as soon as it hits your tongue. By avoiding the harsh environment of the stomach, with its acids and enzymes, more of the inositol can be efficiently absorbed.

Absence of Binders and Fillers: Many capsules contain binders, fillers, and other additivies that can affect the bioavailability of the active inositol ingredient. Many inositol powders, on the other hand, are pure, single-ingredient formulas

Easier to Digest: Some studies suggest that powdered supplements are easier to digest and absorb compared to capsules. When mixed into foods or beverages, the enzymes present can help break down the supplement, potentially enhancing absorption and efficacy.

Cost-Effectiveness: Inositol powder can be more cost-effective than capsules. With powder, you're paying for pure inositol, not the extra ingredients and packaging that come with capsules.

What Does Inositol Powder Taste Like?

Now, we know what you're thinking—powder must taste terrible, right? 

Wrong. Inositol powder is virtually tasteless, which means you can mix it into your favorite drinks or soft foods without even noticing it's there. 

Jasmin, the founder of Bossology, understands the importance of taste when it comes to supplements: 

“The best supplement is the one you'll take consistently. So we formulated our myo and d-chiro inositol powder to be tasteless and easy to mix into your go-to beverages and recipes—simple and delicious!”

Most of us like to add it to our morning smoothie or oatmeal, but you could easily stir it into your daily brew—and if you’re wondering if coffee could interfere with myo inositol absorption: while coffee contains compounds like polyphenols, according to Healthfully they don’t significantly impact myo inositol's bioavailability. 

So, go ahead and enjoy that inositol-infused latte! Shayna, an avid myo and d-chiro inositol powder user, notes:

"The flavor is not noticeable but enhanced in my cup of tea or coffee." 

Incorporating Inositol Powder into Your Favorite Recipes

Inositol powder’s virtually tasteless nature makes it suitable for mixing into various beverages and recipes, and it remains stable even when added to hot drinks or foods. Tina Kozman, Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Hormone Expert, notes:

The powder seamlessly blends into recipes like pumpkin pie smoothies and chia seed eggnog, allowing you to enjoy the health benefits without compromising on flavor.

For more delicious and healthy recipes incorporating inositol, check out Tina's holiday swap blog.

Which Form of Inositol is More Effective?

While both inositol capsules and powders offer an array of benefits, we believe inositol powders are the most effective format for multiple reasons.

Not only can a scoop of inositol powder offer significantly more inositol per serving than capsules or pills, you also have the flexibility to customize your dosage based on your individual needs and goals, something that's not always possible with pre-measured capsules.

Due to it's neutral flavor, inositol powder is also highly versatile and can be effortlessly incorporated into your food and drink routine, whilst the science points to better bioavailablity over pills.

If you're looking to try inositol, we recommend giving powder a try. Your body (and your pill-counting fingers) will thank you.


Just a heads up—before you jump into trying any new supplement or treatment, it’s a good idea to chat with your healthcare provider to figure out what’s best for you.

Article Bio

Jasmin McVeigh
Founder of Bossology™

Jasmin's story is a personal one. After struggling with unresolved PCOS for 11 years, including irregular or absent periods, mood instability, and yo-yo dieting, she found herself in a state of high stress and at war with her own body. It was only when she uncovered the link between her hormone imbalance and insulin resistance that everything changed. Through this new understanding of her body and the power of plants, her cycles returned, her weight stabilized naturally, she was able to control cravings, and most importantly, her mood and anxiety lifted, resulting in newfound confidence and energy to focus on what mattered most. Now on a mission, Bossology™ aims to unlock the science that will empower more women to take control through the power of plants, adopting preventative and natural solutions over fairytale supplements or band-aids that mask symptoms. You can connect with Jasmin by emailing


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