It's time to take women's problems seriously

The problem

The female body has often been overlooked in scientific study. It wasn't until 1993 that we were required to be included in US clinical trials.

This resulted in many one-size-fits-all solutions, that neglect our cyclic biology, masking symptoms without addressing the root cause.

A new era for women's health

We're pioneering a new era for women's health, focused on root cause solutions, micronutrient nourishment and true healing from within.

Balance, simplified

Our streamlined plant powered powders contain only one ingredient. Pure, smart plant nutrition is the new way to balance hormones, mood and metabolism.

Founding story

Jasmin McVeigh
Founder of Bossology™

Jasmin's story is a personal one. After struggling with PCOS for 11 years, including irregular or absent periods, mood swings and fluctuating weight gain, she found herself in a state of constant burn out, high anxiety and at war with food and even her own body. Despite countless times being told her symptoms were "nothing to worry about", she couldn't seem to shift the feeling that her body was not made to feel this way.

She was right. It was only when she uncovered the link between her hormone imbalance, insulin resistance and micronutrient deficiency that everything changed. Through this new understanding of her body and the power of plants, her cycles returned, her weight stabilized without the need for restriction, she was able to control cravings, and most importantly, her mood and anxiety lifted, resulting in newfound confidence and energy to focus on what mattered most.

Now on a mission, Bossology™ is pioneering a smarter way to support "women's problems" by unlocking the power of plants. Encouraging women to make the switch from quick fixes, band-aid solutions and fairytale supplements with little substance, to adopting natural and preventative approaches that involve fixing important nutrient deficiencies to transform not only hormonal balance, but how we feel! You can connect with Jasmin by emailing